waterproof coating machine

Apply for JS cement waterproof coating primer, Polyurethane, putty, concrete mortar, plaster grouting.

Waterproofing coating spray machine


When doing waterproofing project, spray paint machine can save a lot of manpower, the spraying effect is very good and very uniform.


The spray coating machine consists of an air compressor, a gas storage tank, an extruder, a slurry extrusion pump and a spray gun etc.


With waterproof coating pump have large spray painting work, the spare parts will be wore out when operation. Replaced the parts & accessories timely will improve the spray paint pump service life.


Our waterproof coating parts are consists of following main systems: delivery cylinder system, hydraulic system, electric system & seal kits parts.

high pressure waterproof coating spray paint machine

Waterproof Coating Machine List

Sinopacker high pressure waterproof coating machine including but not limited: SP850, SP950, SP960. The Power from 1500W, 1800W, 3000W, 3300W, 4200W. Vertical delivery from 5m to 40m. 


Waterproof coating machine and parts in store


We supply high pressure rubber hose, shoot grouting gun, spray paint gun, roster, reducer, cleaning ball, seal kits, clamps, piston, shotcrete nozzle, remote control etc.


After finishing the waterproof project, if the coating materials is a water-based waterproof, the machine and high-pressure pipes can be cleaned directly. If it is an oily material, use thinner for cleaning the spray paint machine. With good maintanence, the machine pump and parts accessories can be with long life working time.

shoting grouting gun assembly

Shot Grout Gun

spray paint gun assembly

Spray Paint Gun

5m high pressure rubber hose for spray paint machine

Rubber Hose