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Grout injection pump


A high quality grout packer and stable injection pump is key for grout injection engineer. We have 1K, 2K and acrylic injection pump with Bosch drill. 1K is suitable for single component Polyurethane injection, 2K is use for dual component materials, acrylic pump for acrylate gel injection.


Also we supply spare for injection pump machine. The parts items as following: Piston system, hydraulic system, electric system & seal kits parts, high pressure gauge, 5M High pressure rubber hose, inject gun assembly, filter system etc. 


We are one stop shop for your injection pump machine and parts accessories supplier.

grout injection pump machine for polyurethane

Grout Injection Pump Supplier

Grout injection pump is professional equipment for waterstop construction works. Grout pump is the first choice equipment for leakage injection, crack reinforcement in construction projects, underground projects, waterstop projects, environmental protection projects, subways, tunnels, and culvert projects.


Grout injection pump parts in store


Injection pump has many parts, with good maintenance can make the equipment have more life working time. So familiarity with the spare parts is a very important lesson.


We supply drill bits, rubber hoses, swift valve, concrete pipe, seal rings, high pressure gauge, piston,  gear assy, carbon brush, shaft rod kits, piston rod, armature, rotor assembly etc.