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Chemical grouting materials supplier



Sinopacker was established in 2013 to manufacture and supply chemical grouting injection products and tools accessories. Sinopacker has been synonymous with high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service. Nowadays, we have saved customers time and money by providing the industry’s most reliable injection products and services.



Sinopacker special for supplying chemical grouting injection tools and accessores many years. The products such as injection packer, injection lance, chemical grouting pump machine, injection hose tube, chemical grouting injection materials etc. For more products, welcome to visit our store.

Chemical grouting materials Application


Chemical grouting material is a fluidity liquid material, it can be injected into crack gaps for concrete repair and waterproofing.


Chemical grouting materials is apply for foundation reinforcement, soil stabilization, concrete repair, waterproofing injection engineering etc.


The biggest feature of grouting material is that it can adjust the setting time, so that the grout materials can be apply for different engeering requirment.


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Our tireless spirit of innovation continues to inspire us to create groundbreaking concrete repair products designed to help members of the building community construct the highest quality construction engineering.


We are passionate about creating sustainable, valuable solutions for our customers and distributors. Safety, and environmental sustainability is our commitment. What we are doing is to make the injection works easier!

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