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About Us 

Injection Packer manufacturer

As injection packer manufacturer, our company start produce grout packers since 2013 in China.


Through honest business practices and a customer-based focus, we established long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients to globe. Now Sinopacker got the strong reputation from distributors, concreters, contractors by high quality concrete repair products.



Sinopacker brand


Sinopacker has been committed to developing the highest quality grout injection packer products and chemical grouting injection solution in the industry.

Concrete Injection packer supplier


Sinopacker offer different type injection packer for different concrete project and waterproofing engineering.


We offer aluminum injection packer, steel injection packer, brass screw packer, adhesive packer, button head packer for polyurethane injection.


Injection packer series

Diameter: 10mm, 13mm, 16mm

Length: 80mm, 100mm, 110mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm


Flat head button injection packer series


Button flat head injection packer is more apply for water flow place, which need fast waterstop. The button head have big ball, so the PU foam can through fast and big volume.


In out series, we have small flat head packer and big mouth button head.

Small button head is apply for lower viscosity polyurethane foam.

Big button head is working for medium viscosity PU.


If you don't know how to chose the packer, you are welcome to ask us for technical support. For more information, welcome to vist this page.


For Polyurethane Chemical Grouting 

Injection packers were widely used for chemical grouting project. Like tunnel, underground, basement injection waterproofing. And for concrete crack repair with chemical grouting materials.


Different type & size injection packer was needed for different injection situation. The right injection packer is very important also for a successful chemical grouting injection project!


For a dense structure, 8 ~10cm length injection packer  can be used; for a loose structure, 10 ~15cm length injection packer can be used.

Producing Process

Injection packer manufacture step


  • Metal tube chose and cutting
  • Rubber hose chose and cutting
  • Tighten grease nipple 
  • Finish assembly work


We seek to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers and employees.


Welcome to visit our factory.

Injection Packer


When your business needs quality chemical injection products and trusted advice, welcome to contact us with free. Our range of injection packer products include but not limited to:

aluminum injection packers supply

aluminum packer

13mm*100mm, 10mm*100mm
high pressure steel injection packer

steel packer

aluminum packer with flat head

aluminum packer with flat head

metal packer with removable grease

removable head packer

removable brass screw packer

brass screw packer

13*115mm, 13*160mm

Brass  Screw Packer

adhesive packer for epoxy

Adhesive Packer

metal and plastic adhesive packer
metal small button head packer

button head packer

button flat head packer 16mm*130mm

Button Head Injection Packer

copper injection packer

copper packer port

Copper Packer



24H DFM 
48H Draft Design
24H quotation
Following GD&T design 
GOM-ATOS-3D measurement
Perfect lesson-learning system

What Our Clients Say

Heard how world wide customer say about SinoPacker

A trustworthy company, I have contacted Chris more than once to buy injection packer and injection pump. They respond quickly and the prices are normal.. 

Ben Riley

We purchased 20 pieces injection pump. They gave me a year guarantee and so far so good. Their prices is very reasonable. Thanks to Mr. Chris for his timely work.

David B Jackson

If you need injection packer for grout projects, these guys are your best choice. Worthy company, we worked over five year. Thank you, Sinopacker!

Peter Doocy

Manufacture of Drill

Design and Process

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