Acrylic gel injection pump


For large water engineer site, the 2 suction pump machine is needed for injection acrylic gel. High strength can suck different viscosity chemical materials. The hose have filter, it can avoid large particles block the pump machine. Working for soil stabilization, curtain injection. 


high power acrylic gel grout injection pump machine supplier

Europe plug can be chose.


​Data sheet

With high power drill, the acrylic gel pump have high strength. The injection speed is fast, good for curing and seal.


Injection speed


Max-output Pressure


Safety Scope of High-pressure pipe

Safety Scope of On-off Valve

Safety Scope of Butter Head



11000 PSI

< 7500 PSI

< 14000 PSI

< 18000 PSI

< 16000 PSI


Acrylic gel pump piston

The piston set is integrated with steel 303, the acrylic pump machine is wear resistance and working long.


C Si P S Zn Mn Ni Cr










Supplying range

The 3800W and 3000W is popular, and each 2K injection pump have 2 hoses, switch valve, gauge, working protection wears, smart remote control.


Power Drill Color
1100W, 3300W, 3800W

Bosch, Metabo

Black, Red



Smart remote control, liberate labor.

High power, injection speed is fast.

Integrated piston, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.