2K dual component injection pump


2K injection pump have double liquid cups, and the piston reciprocates once to achieve suction and discharge of two liquids. It is applying for 2 component 1:1 ratio polyurethane. Different chemical materials have different mixing ratios, so the double injection pump is helpful for 2 component.


2k dual component grout injection pump machine for pu foam


2K injection pump is the preferred grout equipment for construction project, such as underground engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental protection engineering, municipal engineering, subway, tunnel and culvert engineering.


Data sheet

The 2K injection pump have carbide tungsten piston, wear-resistant, stable operation when working.


Injection speed


Max-output Pressure


Safety Scope of High-pressure pipe

Safety Scope of On-off Valve

Safety Scope of Butter Head

2.4 -2.8L/min


11000 PSI

< 7500 PSI

< 14000 PSI

< 18000 PSI

< 16000 PSI


Carbide piston

Carbide piston have high hardness, no wear, no deformation.


Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti Cr Fe









0~ 0.40


Supplying range

Each 2K injection pump have 2 cups, 5m rubber hose, switch valve, gauge, working protection wears.



Drill Color

560W, 680W

Bosch, Metabo

Green, Red




  • Double cups, fluid speed quick and stable.
  • Carbide piston, high strength and wear resistance.
  • High power, strong engine.



  • Double 2K injection machines are widely used for grouting in tunnels and mining.
  • Grouting injection for rock and concrete wall.
  • Reinforcement of tunnel cracks.
  • Anchor grouting.