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China top grout injection packer manufacturer

Grout injection packer

Sinopacker is top grout packer manufacturer in China.


Sinopacker injection packer series including aluminum packer, steel packer, screw packer, injection lance. According to different customer needs, we always update the product series.


Grouting injection packers are widely used in the waterproofing industry, especially on concrete injected with chemical polyurethane and epoxy resins.


With high pressure grouting technology, the injection packers are professional parts for chemical grouting.

grout packer for chemical injection

Grout Injection Packer List


Sinopacker products list including but not limited: aluminum grout packer, steel grout packer, button head grout packer, brass screw injection packer, removable head injection packer, copper injection packer, injection lance etc.

Aluminum Injection Packer

Our aluminum packer have one rubber and two rubber size. The length from 80mm to 500mm, and diameter have 10mm & 13mm. The aluminum packer is popular with Asia market.

10mm low pressure aluminum injection packer

10mm Aluminum Packer

long 300mm aluminum injection packer

Long Aluminum Packer

one rubber aluminum injection packer

One Rubber Aluminum Packer

Steel Injection Packer

Sinopacker have steel packer and one day packer. One day injection packer is snap and fast project working, and it can stop PU foam spillover after grout injection. Steel packer is more popular with Europe.

high low pressure steel injection packer 13mm in store

13mm Steel Packer

one day steel injection packer 10mm supplier

10mm One Day Packer

13mm one day grout injection packer manufacturer

13mm One Day Packer

Button Flat Head Packer

In our stock, we have big button head, small flat head, aluminum packer with button head, steel packer with flat head. The diameter can be supply with 13mm, 16mm, 18mm. 

m8 flat head injection packer for polyurethane

Small Button Packer

aluminum body button flat head packer 13mm

Aluminum Button Packer

steel body flat head injection packer

Steel Button Packer

Plastic Injection Packer Series

We supply black plastic injection packer, spiral plastic injection packer, and plastic packer with rubber. The plastic packer had exported to Russia, USA, Saudi Arab, Australia etc.

plastic injection packer type A

Plastic Packer A

plastic injection packer supplier

Plastic Packer B

Plastic Packer C

Plastic grout injection packer manufacturer

Plastic Packer D

Self Adhesive Injection Packer

We have adhesive packer with hole, steel body adhesive surface packer. The adhesive packer is more applying for concrete crack surface, it inject epoxy with low pressure.

self adhesive injection packer supplier

Adhesive Packer A

plastic adhesive grout injection packer china

Adhesive Packer C

self adhesive grout injection packer for concrete surface

Adhesive Packer D

Removable Head Injection Packer Series

Our removable injection packer including brass injection packer, aluminum head packer. With removable head packer, it is easy to check the chemical injection materias processing when operation, and it can save the grout materials.

brass screw removable head injection packer supplier

Brass Screw Packer

removable head injection packer manufacturer

Removable Packer B

grout injector for polyurethane and epoxy


Copper Injection Packer

Copper injection packer is popular at Vietnam, South Korean, Singapore market. We have type A, B, C, D series, and the diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. The length 60mm, 80mm, 100mm etc.

copper injection packer supplier

Copper Packer A

copper grout injection packer manufacturer

Copper Packer B

Copper Packer C

6mm 8mm copper grout injection packer

Copper Packer D