Re-injection hose tube

The Sinopacker re-injectable hose is pre-laying tube pipe for delivery chemical grout materials. It is suitable to install injection hose between the joints of new and old concrete. When the water seeps into the joint, inject the chemical material into hose can seal the construction joint. The core hose body is easy to pour PU resin, which have 4 uniform hole and cover with foam strip. This design can prevent mortar from blocking the grout discharge holes.


multi reusable injection hose for polyurethane foam



The injection hose is made of PVC, which have good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The injection hose tube is flexible and solid.


Tensile strength

Elongation at break

MINI Bending radius

Working pressure

Molding shrinkage

Thermal deformation temperature

1380 kg/m3

50-80 MPa







Data sheet

The big inner hole is easy for resin fluid.

Inner diameter Outer diameter Fluid volume Hole size Color
8mm 24mm 15L/Min 3mm Customized


Supplying range

The injection hose is, and have connection accessories.

  • 10*24mm*50m
  • 6*16mm*50m

Note: Do not touch with steel bar, avoid damage the injection hoses.



  • Install the injection hose advance, will not damage the concrete body when grout.
  • Rigid inner core: It will not flatten under the pressure of concrete, ensuring smooth injection channels.
  • Reusable for polyurethane injection.



The reinjection hose tube is using for construction joint at water tank, dam, curtain, base foundation, bridge, concrete project.


Subway, tunnel, reservoir, sewage pool, underground civil air defense cavern, basement garage leakage stoppage, cable trench, culvert, dam, power plant dam, acid (alkali) pool leakage waterproof, cooling tower leakage waterproof.