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One stop shop concrete repair products supplier

Concrete repair products supplier

We are top manufacturing and supply of advanced concrete repair products and tools. As a proud manufacturer, we have a history over 10 years with proven long-term performance and reliability in China.


With high quality concrete repair & waterproof materials products, fast delivery, and one stop shop service to give you the best solution for your engineer.


When concrete is used for a long time, it is easy to crack. At this time, special concrete repair materials can be used for fixing. 


For more information, welcome to check our concrete repair products list.

concrete repair products


Due to corrosion, mixing and transportation problems, fast construction speed, unreasonable maintenance, environmental problems, concrete will be not stable and need maintain. Without reasonable maintenance, the concrete will be crack and Deterioration. Sinopacker offer widely concrete repair products and systems to solve concrete problems.


Our concrete repair products service areas include but not limited to:

Injection packer

Injection pump

Polyurethane foam

Injection hose

Drill bits

Coat spray machine

JS acrylic waterproof coating

PVC waterstop

Injection Packer

Injection Packer

Polyurethane grout Injection Pump

PU Injection Pump

single & dual component injection pump
one time & reusable injection hose tube for Polyurethane

injection hose tube

waterproof coating spray machine pump

spray paint machine

SDS Drill MAX plus



polyurethane Injection Foam

PU Injection Foam

oil hydrophoblic polyurethane grout injection foam



We provide a broad range of concrete repair systems and waterproof injection solutions for building, infrastructure, mining and metro line applications.


  • Injection packer with Polyurethane use for concrete crack injection.


  • Epoxy resin use for concrete structure strength.


  • Spray coating machine use for concrete waterproof.


  • The injection hose is apply for concrete construction joints to waterproof seal.