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Concrete waterproof products supply and one stop shop solution service

Our Service

Concrete waterproof products supply


Sinopacker is an injection packer manufacturer who mainly servicing injection waterproofing, sealing building structures, and repairing cracks.


We will always strive to be our customers’ first choice with our quality, solutions, reliability and business ethics.


We will maximize customer satisfaction by providing a high standard of quality service creating value for our customers that exceeds expectations.

one stop shop of concrete waterproof products solution service supplier

Chemical injection tools and accessories


Sinopacker grout injection accessories list:

  • Injection packer series
  • Aluminum injection packer
  • Steel injection packer
  • Button injection packer
  • Grout injection pump series
  • 1K injection pump 
  • 2K injection pump
  • Acrylic injection pump
  • Injection hose series
  • One time injection tube
  • Re-usable injection hose tube
  • Polyurethane foam series
  • Hydrophobic PU
  • Hydrophilic PU