Waterproof coating sprayer pump


The SP950 high power sprayer pump is a device for waterproof coating spray. The mechanized spraying method can effectively avoid problems such as uneven brushing, large number of bubbles, and cracks in the waterproof layer during the construction of waterproof coatings. By utilizing the strong spraying pressure of waterproof sprayer equipment, the adhesion between the waterproof coating and the working surface is enhanced, making the waterproof coating evenly adhere to the working surface. 


high power spray machine for waterproof coating



The air compressor is the key for working stable. The waterproof coating sprayer casing adopts a perforated heat dissipation cover, ensuring safe motor operation and avoiding machine burning.

Input Power




Exhaust volume



3000 W

2800 r/min


100 L/min

68 dB


Data sheet

The use of waterproof coatings sprayer pump not only results in good construction quality but also high construction efficiency.


Largest Partical

Working Pressure

Max Vertical

Max Horizontal

Discharge Shape

Discharge Speed





Circular, Fan

1-19 L/min



  • Fast spraying efficiency and long construction distance.
  • Intelligent start stop, ensuring safety.
  • Multi function spray, meet multiple application needs.
  • Thickened gas storage tank, safe and leak free.
  • Strong power, stable operation, and long service life.
  • No need to add lubricating oil for maintenance, reducing maintenance costs.



  • Indoor and outdoor spraying, cement spraying, putty powder spraying, polyurethane spraying, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, waterproof spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying.
  • JS cement waterproof coating primer.
  • Polyurethane spray.
  • Putty and concrete mortar spray.



The cleanliness of the waterproof coating spraying surface directly affects the bonding adhesive between the coating and the working surface. Thoroughly clean the residual impurities, dust, and water in the working surface before construction.