High pressure spray paint machine


The high pressure spray paint machine is a device for waterproof coating. It is consist of air compressor, gas storage tank, an extruder, slurry extrusion pump and spray gun etc.


By utilizing the strong spraying pressure of waterproof sprayer equipment, the adhesion between the waterproof coating and the working surface is enhanced, making the waterproof coating evenly adhere to the working surface. 


high power spray paint pump machine for js waterproof coating


Data sheet

The use of waterproof coatings sprayer pump not only results in good construction quality but also high construction efficiency.


Drill Power

Hopper Volume

Largest Partical

Working Pressure

Max Vertical

Max Horizontal

Discharge Shape

Discharge Speed







Circular, Fan

1-10 L/min


High power motor

The motor is an important part of the transmission and control system. With high power motor, the pump machine ensure more uniform spraying and larger spraying area.


Rated power KW

Rated current A

Rotating speed R/Min

Efficiency %

Power factor cosφ  

Rated torque N*m




80.5 0.86 7.4



  • Fast spraying efficiency and long construction distance.
  • Intelligent start stop, ensuring safety.
  • Multi function spray, meet multiple application needs.
  • Thickened gas storage tank, safe and leak free.
  • Strong power, stable operation, and long service life.
  • No need to add lubricating oil for maintenance, reducing maintenance costs.



  • JS cement waterproof coating.
  • Waterproof coating, putty powder spraying, grouting, polyurethane, cold primer.
  • Expansion joint leakage, settlement joint leakage, subway leakage and dam leakage.
  • Indoor and outdoor spraying, ultra-thin cement Slurry spraying.
  • Ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, relief effect spraying.