1K single injection pump

High pressure 1K injection pump is apply for single component PU. By 560W or more power pump machine, the chemical materials was injected into concrete crack. During grout injection work, pay attention to the gauge pressure index, avoid safety accidents. Wear protective equipment, gloves, goggles, and work clothes.


single component 1k grout injection pump machine for polyurethane


Data sheet

The electrical 1K injection pump have 1 piston, 5m high pressure hoses, switch valve system.


Injection speed


Max-output Pressure


Safety Scope of High-pressure pipe

Safety Scope of On-off Valve

Safety Scope of Butter Head



11000 PSI

< 7500 PSI

< 14000 PSI

< 18000 PSI

< 16000 PSI

Check the screw condition before use, and if there is any looseness, tighten it before use.


5m high pressure hose

The rubber hose is is made of SBR with wear resistance, and bear high pressure.




Working pressure

Burst pressure

4mm 13mm 18000 PSI 18500 PSI


Supplying range

Sinopacker supply 560W, 680W injection pump, and we offer Bosch, Metabo drill.


Power Drill Color

560W, 680W

Bosch, Metabo

Green, Red




  • For the crack, flexing crack, construction crack, and instruction crack of building.
  • Leak stopping for the breast wall of artesian well in geologic drilling project.
  • Grouting of reservoir and dam for the water conservancy project,.
  • Leak stopping for underground, tunnel, culvert, sewage disposing pool, concrete fissure.
  • Leak stopping for basement, underground garage, and underground channels.
  • Leak stopping for floor, wall pipe, and wall corner.
  • Cracking of building, girder, pole, board etc structure, inject epoxy resin with high-handed.



  • High power drive electric drill,good mechanical performance.
  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Explosion-proof switch valve, reliable quality and safe working.
  • Continuous high pressure can effectively fill concrete structures with injection materials.


Tips of maintenance injection pump

  • After use, immediately clean out with special agent, such as Xylenes, acetone, Banana oil etc.
  • The grouting materials will react with water, so it is strictly prohibited to use water for cleaning.
  • If the grouting machine does not have press, replace the wear parts, such as piston, spring.