Steel injection packer


Steel injection packer have hexagonal body, and it is good for wrench tightening when grout injection projects. Usual the steel injection packer length is not over 110mm, because the body is strong, and not easy to cut off in the hole. The steel packer is wide using for short hole, and bear high pressure.


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Our injection packer is made of high quality steel, and it have good mechanical properties. After polyurethane injection, the steel packer will left in the building, and it is corrosion preventive, will not reaction with PU and epoxy.


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Steel injection packer data sheet

The steel packer 13mm is popular, which have big inner hole, good fluid with any viscosity polyurethane and epoxy.


Diameter of

rubber seal mm

Length of

Packer mm

Inside diameter

of tube mm

Inside diameter

of Nipple mm

Break Pressure


Pressure for

Nipple opening (bar)

13 100 5.3 1.5 500

25 ~250



Supplying range

Our steel injection packer have 13mm, 10mm. And can be customized with required. The rubber can be supply with reinforced layer.

Pressure Diameter Length Rubber type

Low 20-30 bar

High 200 -220bar

10mm, 13mm

100mm, 110mm

Cross, line




  • Good compression resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Rubber oil resistance and aging resistance.
  • The nipple can adjustable pressure, good circulation at any situation.