Button flat head injection packer


In special injection projects, button flat head injection packer is popular. The SBR rubber part is high quality and stable in the hole, the button head is tighten connection with equipment, the big inner hole size with quick fluid. Thus the button head packer is widely accept at snap PU injection.


m8 m10 button flat head nipple grout injection packer




Button injection packer is made of high quality steel and SBR rubber, which have good mechanical properties. The big ball size make sure the quick fluid, and the rubber packer offer good seal in the hole.

C Mn P S Cr Ni Cu Si











 Data sheet

The button flat head packer have big hole size, it have good fluid with any viscosity polyurethane and epoxy. For more information, welcome to load it.

Diameter of

rubber seal mm

Length of

Packer mm

Inside diameter

of tube mm

Inside diameter

of Nipple mm

Break Pressure


Pressure for

Nipple opening (bar)

16 130, 150, 170 8 3 400 25 ~ 250



Supply range

Pressure Diameter Length Surface type

Low 20-30 bar

High 200 -220bar

13mm, 16mm, 18mm

130mm, 150mm, 160mm

textured, smooth, cross.



  • Injection materials fluid quick and fast.
  • Good compression resistance.
  • Nipple ball size can be adjustable.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Rubber oil resistance and aging resistance.