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Sinopacker is well known professional injection hose system manufacturer. Now we supply 500,000 meter injection hose to global.


Sinopacker have two injection hose system. One time injection and re usable injection hose tube. 


Our goals are providing high quality standards, and after sales follow-up with 7-24. All the injection hoses are being inspected and tested very carefully by our Quality Control Engineers before delivery.



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Injection hose series

Sinopacker main produces two injection hose pipe, one of multi use injection hose, and one time injection hose. The two  products meet different usage needs.


One time injection hose: 8mm*12mm*120m/roll.

The middle layer of the disposable injection hose is made of non-woven fabric, which can ensure that the grouting chemical seeps out and keeps the gravel out, ensuring the smooth flow of grout in the injection hose.


Re usable injection hose: 6*18mm*50m/roll, 10*24mm*50m/roll, 8mm*20mm*50m/roll.



Usual, one time injection hose apply for chemical grouting materials such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, and acrylate etc.


Multiple re usable injection hose pipe can be used to inject grouting materials and also ultra-fine cement.


To ensure the grouting effect, the grouting chemical should advance slowly at low pressure.


Use with injection packer for better waterproof effect when working.


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