Hydrophobic Polyurethane foam resin


Hydrophobic polyurethane resin foam liguid is single component chemical grout materials. The polyurethane resin will occur chemical reaction with water, and the resin rapidly expands to form an insoluble foam. Not only it can be waterproof and leak proof, but also it has a reinforcing effect for the construction. The hydropobic pu resin is corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


grace deneef sika normet Hydrophobic Polyurethane foam resin



In order to adjust the cell density and uniformity of the foam body, while ensuring a certain strength of the solid, it is necessary to choose polymer polyols with special properties.

Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g

Acid value 


Water %

K+ + Na+

200 ~ 400



≤ 5*10-6


Data sheet

In order to ensure that the solid has a certain strength, it is necessary to choose a certain molecular weight polymer polyol. If the molecular weight is too large, the rigidity is insufficient. If the molecular weight is too small, the rigidity is too high, it is not easy to foam, and the expansion rate is not enough.

Density g/cm3

Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time

Impermeability strength Mpa

Expansion rate

Compressive strength MPa

1.05 ~ 1.15

0.2 ~ 0.8

30s ~ 5 min

Speed time can be adjust


1000 % ~ 2000 %

4.9 ~ 19.6


Feature & advantage

  • Good hydrophobicity, high chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance.
  • High compressive strength, good waterproof effect.
  • Single component, easy to inject. It can be easy finished the grouting work with single 1K injection pump.
  • High expansion and solid foam.


Supplying range

  • Usual, we supply hydrophobic polyurethane with 10kg/pail, 20kg/pail.
  • Store in a dry and ventilated place and do not allow water to splash in.
  • During transportation, collision, squeezing, direct sunlight, and rain are not allowed, no fire.
  • As customized, we can offer various hydrophobic PU with different act time and expansion materials.



  • Waterproof sealing and reinforcement of deformation joints, construction joints, and structural joints in construction engineering.
  • Curtain grouting in ports, docks, bridge piers, dams, and hydropower stations.
  • Hydrophobic pu can also be used for filling and strengthening dry cracks.


chemical hydrophobic polyurethane foam injection application