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Chemical grout injection resin


Chemical polyurethane grouting resin is the most common and frequently used material in building waterproofing maintenance and crack leak repair. We can supply Polyurethane resin, acrylic gel.


Here is our main products list but not limited.


Setting time: The time when hydrophobic polyurethane is mixed with a certain proportion of water, and changes from liquid to solid.


The foaming rate and reaction speed can be adjusted by additives.

Chemical grout injection materials
hydrophilic waterborn polyurethane injection foam

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyurethane


Polyurethane grouting resin can be divided into two categories based on material properties.

OPU: oil based hydrophobic polyurethane

WPU: water based hydrophilic polyurethane


Water based polyurethane expands when contact with water and becomes an elastic gel like solidified body, similar in state to a sponge and with a certain degree of elasticity. The oil based polyurethane grouting resin will become a hard solid with cell after being expanded contact with water.


Polyurethane foam have water based hydrophilic resin and oil based hydrophobic resin. The performance of polyurethane is mainly measured by the following indicators.

Gel time: the time when the hydrophilic polyurethane changes from liquid to gel after mixing with a certain proportion of water.