Concrete repair material products manufacturer

The occurrence of concrete cracks in construction projects is a common quality problem. Due to the seasonality of water conservancy project construction and the characteristics of concrete itself, concrete cracks in construction are a common phenomenon in construction engineering. Analyzing the causes of concrete cracks and providing corresponding prevention and control measures is of great practical significance for improving the construction quality of concrete construction projects.

In this article, will introduces concrete repair companies. These companies have high visibility and market share in the field of concrete repair materials and provide various types of waterproof concrete repair materials and solutions.

Concrete repair materials brand

With the improvement of technology, the concrete repair manufacturer have made great progress. The brand included but not limited: Sika, Sinopacker, BASF, Mapei, Oriental Yuhong, CKS, DOW, Euclid, Henkel, Koster, MC, Normet, Penetron, RASCOR, SBT.

Sika concrete repair products company

Headquartered in Switzerland, Sika is the world's first concrete repair products company in the work.

Sika was founded in 1910 and has a history of more than 100 years. It is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

As the world's leading professional construction chemical products company,  Sika is a world leader in waterproofing, sealing, bonding, shock absorption, structural reinforcement and protection technologies.

Sika concrete repair products: SIKA seal, Sika grout series, Sika waterproof materials series, polyurethane series, Sika waterstop series, Sika epoxy series.

With its innovative technology and superb quality, Sika continues to meet consumer needs and leads the trend of green and environmentally friendly decoration auxiliary materials. Customers will enjoy more professional and comprehensive products and services.

sika concrete repair products series

Sinopacker concrete repair products company

Sinopacker is China top concrete repair products supplier since 2017. The supplying system covers a wide range of concrete repair products at waterproofing market. Sinopacker is popular brand in the market, and have a strong technical team who is familiar with various construction requirements and keeps up with the trend of technological development. Providing efficient, stable and safe technical support to customers.

Sinopacker focus on chemical grout injection, concrete repair, and waterproof industrial.

The supply materials including but not limited: injection packer, injection hose, injection pump, acrylic injection equipment,waterproof coating machine, polyurethane foam and epoxy resin, acrylic gel. 

With advanced production equipment and technology, strict quality control system and complete after-sales service network, Sinopacker offer one stop shop solution service for customers from all world.

sinopacker concrete repair materials

BASF concrete repair products company

BASF Group is a Fortune 500 company with a wide range of businesses. Chemical products are widely used in many industries and fields, such as in the coatings, construction and automotive industries, and household product suppliers.

BASF concrete repair products is a material widely used in construction projects and has a variety of uses. Its main function is to fill and repair holes or cracks in concrete structures to improve the stability and durability of the structure.

BASF concrete repair products: MasterRoc series, BASF grout injection materials series, BASF waterproof coating series, BASF epoxy seal series, BASF waterstop series, BASF waterproof membrane etc.

As a globally renowned concrete repair produtcts brand, BASF has always been widely welcomed by customers around the world.

basf chemical concrete repair products

Mapei waterproof materials products company

MAPEI was founded in Milan in 1937. Mapei has become the leading company in the adhesives and concrete repair products at the world.

Mapei has a strong background as the largest construction adhesive manufacturer today. Mapei's products mainly include concrete repair materials, adhesive materials, putty materials, waterproof materials, etc. MAPEI is also a specialist in the production of chemical products for building waterproofing systems and in the production of mortar and cementitious mixtures for concrete.

Mapei products: Mapei grout injection packer, Mapei grout injection equipment series, Mapei waterproof coating materials, Mapei polyurethane and epoxy, Mapei acylic gel series, Mapei injection hose series, Mapei waterproof membrane etc.

Mapei has a first-class team and advanced equipment. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, they strictly control every link in order to produce the highest quality products to meet customer’s requirement.

mapei waterproof concrete repair building supply

Oriental Yuhong concrete repair materials company

Oriental Yuhong was established in 1995, became a shared company in 2008. It has become a high-quality construction and concrete repair system service provider. Oriental Yuhong is a large-scale waterproofing enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and construction of waterproof materials.

Oriental Yuhong products including: waterproofing membranes, polyurethane and other engineering waterproofing materials. It have a great advantage in the country, and its achievements include many national key projects such as the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. It has been involved in the home waterproofing industry since 2007, and has rapidly expanded its channels and promoted it strongly across the country.

The company pursues high-quality and steady development, with its main waterproofing business as its core, extending upstream and downstream and related industrial chains. Its business areas include building waterproofing, energy-saving insulation, civil building materials, non-woven fabrics, architectural coatings, building repairs, mortar powders, and special films.

oriental yuhong waterproof concrete repair products suppy

CKS waterproof concrete repair materials Ltd

CKS Waterproofing was founded in 1996. After more than 20 years of operation and development, SKS Waterproofing has grown into a company whose main business is to provide comprehensive waterproofing solutions, including waterproof building materials, concrete repair, building repairs, and plastering.

CKS has deployed more than ten highly digitalized, automated production and R&D bases equipped with advanced environmental protection equipment across the country.

CKS products: waterproof coating series, polymer and PVC membrane, expand waterstop series, inject PU foam and epoxy series, concrete repair seal etc.

Adhering to the concept of green development, CKS are committed to building a resource-saving, environment-friendly modern smart garden factory. Provide customers with satisfactory products and services efficiently.

cks concrete repair waterstop company

Dow chemical concrete repair products group


Dow is a diversified chemical grouting company with approximately 50,000 employees worldwide, operating 188 production sites in 35 countries and producing more than 5,000 products.


Dow has a wide range of concrete repair materials to meet different customer application needs. Using silicone and acrylic-based chemicals to make concrete materials more durable and beautiful. These products are widely welcomed in the market and have made important contributions to the green development of modern architecture.


DOW products: grout series, waterproof series, polyurethane, membrane, epoxy, waterstop etc.


Dow focuses on concrete repair and market promotion, and actively participates in exhibitions, further consolidate market position. Nowadays, it have won market recognition with their excellent quality, the concept of sustainable development.

dow concrete repair company group

Euclid concrete construction products company

Euclid is top supplier of products for the concrete construction industry. With development, Euclid has became strong relationships with concrete contractors, building materials suppliers offering high quality products and industry leading technical support.

Euclid concrete repair list include: admixtures, fiber, integral color, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair and other products. Euclid products are known in the concrete industry for innovation and high quality, verified through ISO 9001 certification.

Euclid concrete repair products: Euclid Grout, Euclid waterproof coating products, Euclid leakage stop, Euclid PVC membrane, concrete seal etc.

There are many distributors around the world who can quickly provide customers with support.

euclid polyurethane concrete repair company

Henkel chemical injection concrete repair Ltd

Henkel was founded on September 26, 1876. In 1878 the company moved to Dusseldorf. Henkel's business focuses on applied chemistry. Henkel has a history of 140 years, and employs more than 50,000 people.

Henkel leads the world in adhesive technology, so it is very handy in the field of concrete repair. In the field of construction business, Henkel has more than 800 segmented products to meet different customer application needs.

Henkel concrete repair products: inject polyurethane, Henkel water stop, Henkel EVA membrane, polymer waterproofing coating materials etc.

Based on strong, long-term, trusting relationships, Henkel's efficient solutions create value for customers' brands and products. Nowadays, Henkel provide global customers with high uniform quality products around the world.

henkel concrete waterproof products supply

Koster chemical grout injection concrete repair supplier company

Koster founded 1982 In Germany, and supply high quality waterproof products in concrete repair market. Nowadays, Koster server more than 70 country in the world.

As famous brand, Koster offer one stop shop service in waterproof industrial. Their product list: plasters, horizontal barriers, anti-mold systems, concrete repair,  concrete and mortar additives, cementitious underlayments, floor coatings, moisture control systems, joint sealants, bathroom waterproofing, facade impregnation, as well as TPO and ECB roofing membranes.

Koster concrete repair products: waterproofing materials system, grouting injection system, waterstop and membrane system.

Koster has earned famous reputation as a reliable partner in the building industry with many years of experience in offering high quality and long lasting waterproofing solutions service.

koster chemical grout concrete repair company

MC Bauchemie concrete waterproof products company

MC founded in 1961, and now serve more than 40 country over the years. MC have 2,500 employees in the world. MC-Bauchemie is top manufacturer of building chemical products and technologies in the concrete repair market.

MC concrete repair product list: curing agents, floor coating, gouts, hydrophobic agen, injection system, joint sealants, structural strengthening, tunnelling systems etc.

MC concrete repair products:  MC Inject gel, MC inject Polyurethane, MC inject epoxy, MC swell water stop, MC EPDM membrane etc.

MC’s technical experts with many years of experience in the industrial, who can provide customers the most effective solution with the highest knowledge and experience they have. From concrete production, building construction to structural repair, from industrial buildings, low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, etc.

mc concrete repair grout injection materials supply

Normet grout concrete repair group

Normet is a multinational enterprise integrating the supply of concrete repair materials and construction.

Normet concrete repair products is famous in construction chemicals market. Their products list: dynamic rock reinforcement , ground control injection resins , admixtures for concrete etc.

Normet offer one stop shop service for the crack repair.  Normet’s underground equipment including: concrete spraying, concrete transportation, fifting and installations, shotcrete equipment and spare parts.

Normet products: Normet repair seal series, adhesive geo membrane, polymer polyurethane series, JS waterproof coating, PU waterproof materials series, shotcrete cement, swell water stop series, membrane roller etc.

Normet committing to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that create value in waterproof industry and society as a whole.

normet concrete repair materials for grouting

Penetron waterproof concrete repair products company

Penetron founded in the late 1970s, offer cementitious waterproofing products in concrete repair industrial. Their products are widely used in international markets and have made important contributions to promoting the transformation of the global construction structure.

PENETRON offers a broad range of concrete solutions, including crystalline waterproofing, water stops and liquid sealers, waterproof coating products etc.

Penetron have SO 9001 and ISO14001 certificate. The company has won many awards for its innovative technology and excellent R&D capabilities.

Penetron products: concrete seal, waterproof coating, inject pu and epoxy, polymer membrane etc.

Penetron offer high quality warranty, and also offer technical support teams around the world.

penetron building waterproof materials for concrete repair

Rascor waterproof injection materials company

RASCOR is a international group forcus onconcrete repair, waterproofing, injection technology and structural protection and restoration. Rascor specializing in the development and manufacture of structural waterproofing systems.

Rascor products including: injection products, tunneling, hybrid products, hydrophilic system, adhesive system etc.

Rascor products are famous for their stability, environmental protection and innovation in the market, and are deeply trusted and praised by the construction industry. Rascor provides strong support for the green and intelligent development of modern architecture

After years of development, it has become a well-known brand in the field of waterproof grouting. Rascor have many partners around the world.

rascor waterproof injection materials company

SBT concrete repair materials products company

SBT is a famous Chinese trademark, which is research and development, production and sales of concrete admixtures company. SBT is mainly engaged in waterproofing and concrete repair materials, such as high performance water reducing admixture, durability enhancing admixtures, cementitious materials, special concrete.

SBT has 804 nationally authorized patents, and 28 international patents. With strong innovation ability, industry-leading scientific research capabilities, and experienced talent team, SBT won the trust of customers.

SBT concrete repair products: inject waterproof materials, chemical grout materials, PU and acrylic gel, membrane etc.

With excellent product performance, stable product quality, and professional technical services , SBT have became the famous brand in the concrete repair industrial.

sbt concrete repair products supply company